• Image of Boogie Puss Earrings

"Boogie Puss?"

Okay, let me explain. When I started using a primary-based colorway, my mind of course turned to the paintings of Piet Mondrian. After working out a few designs using fields of color and lines, I recalled his exciting Boogie Woogie , and created striped patterns with that inspiration.
Now, for the month of July, my blog, Warped Square Wednesdays is featuring the Primer colorway with a hot acid yellow thrown in. We call the color Sour Puss, hence the colorway, Primer Puss, which is available in my bead kit and pattern shop, BeadBlogShop.

Still with me?

Warped Square earrings, sewn of tiny glass cylinder beads. They swing delightfully from brass swivels and hang from handmade sterling silver earwires.
Overall length is nearly 3 inches.

Sterling silver wires can be replaced with hypoallergenic niobium by request (these are a standard shape).

One of a kind.

This product ships via Priority Mail. Please inquire for international shipping options.