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About Me


Paris collage 2019

My work is focused on using materials and compositions that bring an element of the unexpected to the familiar forms of personal adornment. The viewer and wearer are invited to move between the known and unknown as they experience the piece, when they recognize a familiar stone, object or texture but see it next to something they can't quite place--or used in a way that defies instant recognition.
It is this manipulation of the familiar that informs my work and gives it an energy, the fascination of a conversation between odd and familiar. Using vintage and antique materials adds the element of time to the piece, the viewer is enabled to notice she stands in multiple dimensions at once: the known, the unknown, and the past. We are always experiencing these things but sometimes need a nudge to help us notice. It is my intention that my jewelry serves as a touchable, wearable reminder to open our minds to all that is around us.

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I have a BA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin; I've been making glass beads and working in Precious Metal Clay since 1999.  I use my own work, components made by other artists and things I find in my travels and beady wanderings.

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