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Fabulous fabrics for embroidery

Image of Fabulous fabrics for embroidery

These are the materials I used in my Bead Embroidered Heart video tutorial. The tweeds are composed of various fibers, all made in France. The felt is all 100% wool.

The fashion tweeds come in different-shaped pieces, and are cut to the dimensions noted on the photos.

Tweed 1 is the same as the one in the sample brooch photo shown. Lovely stripes of turquoise and nearly fluorescent coral, tempered by the softness of the loose weave and the dominant white color.

Tweed 2 is tightly woven candy stripes on one side, wild fluffy fringey strands on the other! The loose fringey bits could be easily tamed by trimming and are a natural opportunity for embellishment.

Tweed 3 is elegant in white and metallic gold zebra-type stripes. The black warp could be allowed to fringe out for a sophisticated edge.

Tweed 4 is another that's wild with fringe that could be trimmed to suit your project. One side has black dots dominant, the other shows more white. This would be really nice to make a pair of positive and negative brooches.

Please take note of the sizes of the pieces as shown on the photos.

I must note here that I do have a cat. Clio doesn't get to sleep on these fabrics or snuggle with them, but she does hang out in the studio and although I keep the fabric in a plastic bag and sticky-roll each piece carefully before packing, there is the possibility that you might find a cat hair on it.