• Image of Wool Sheet pieces
  • Image of Wool Sheet pieces

This is the wool sheet that I like to use as a pre-felt for many of my needlefelting projects, especially the sculptural felted bracelets.

It comes from Nepal, and although the wool itself is quite affordable, once the shipping is added on, it's just not practical to order in small quantities.

I have decided to cut down some of my sheets and make them available here. These are 12x12 inches plus. Any mistakes in measurement will definitely fall in your favor!

Colors available are:
Dark Teal, difficult to photograph, it is a true blue-green teal and very dark
Fuschia, very bright pink with a fluffy texture that's nice for needlefelting.
Orange, also strong and fluffy.
Lemon is a bright pastel yellow, with a denser texture.
Blue is a very nice neutral shade, with a medium texture.
Lilac is more pastel, also with a denser texture.

I will ship this item using the cheapest method possible; any overage that's charged will be reimbursed!
For international shipments, please inquire.